Welcome to Morning Glory Orchard

7690 Nolensville Rd

Nolensville, TN. 37135      615-395-4088


Morning Glory Orchard has two primary purposes. First we provide the freshest and best home grown and local fruits and vegetables to our customers. Second, we are an experience farm. From school tours to u-pick, we provide fun for children and families. If you want your kids to experience the farm, you need Morning Glory Orchard. For tours and events, see the tour and event pages.

Besides the fresh fruits and vegetables and the fun for the whole family, we have many farm made and unique products for mom and dad to explore in the store. From farm made jams and jellies to fruit butters, salsa, and ciders, we have something for everyone. Just walking through the store is an enjoyable experience for all.

Our health is of greater importance to us in today’s world. We want fresh we want local and we want healthy. Besides the very healthful benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables, we have local honey (helps some people with pollen related allergies) and no sugar added jams and jellies for those watching their sugars. (Moms, these no sugar added jams and jellies are very good for kids who often get too much sugar anyway)

So get up and get the kids and come out to Morning Glory orchard today. We are easy to find at 7690 Nolensville Rd., just three miles south of Nolensville. (Three miles north of Triune) See the map under directions. If you have question or want to book a tour, call us at 615-395-4088.

Morning Glory Orchard, located south of Nolensville, TN. is your closest stop for orchard fresh peaches and apples as well as farm fresh local produce. If you have never tasted the difference that fresh makes, then you are in for a treat. Not only are the fruits and vegetables fresh and locally grown, our other products are farm made not from a big mass producer, but a small farm producer.

Note: Winter was good so we hope to have a good crop and therefore plenty of apples for picking this fall. We do not have berries or peaches for picking.

Our store is generally open from late-June until early November (depends on the weather). In summer, we are open Thursday through Saturday 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM and beginning in September we are open Tuesday through Saturday 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM.

We expect to open June 26, 2013 if the peaches are available. Call before you come.

We are NOT open on Monday. Since we are one of the few remaining orchards in the Nashville area, we are one of the few places where you can pick your own apples but the u-pick season varies based on crop so call before you come.